Associations between self-reported physical activity, quality of life, and emotional well-being in men with prostate cancer on active surveillance

Papadopoulos, E., Alibhai, S. M. H., Doré, I., Matthew, A. G., Tomlinson, G. A., Nesbitt, M., Finelli, A., Trachtenberg, J., Santa Mina, D.

OBJECTIVE: The relationship between physical activity (PA) and quality of life (QOL) relative to active treatment for prostate cancer (PCa) has been well-studied; however, little is known about this relationship during active surveillance (AS). Moreover, whether PA is associated with better emotional well-being (EWB) in men with low-risk PCa requires further investigation. Accordingly, we examined the association between self-reported PA and the average change in QOL and EWB over time during AS. METHODS: A total of 630 men on AS were included in this retrospective, longitudinal study from AS initiation until AS discontinuation. Generalized estimated equations were used to determine the association between self-reported PA (independent variable) and QOL and EWB (dependent variables) over time, adjusting for participants’ age. RESULTS: QOL was higher over time in active ( β^ (95%CI) = 1.14 (0.11, 2.16), P = .029) and highly active participants ( β^ (95%CI) = 1.62 (0.58, 2.67), P = .002) compared to their inactive counterparts. Highly active participants had 55% greater odds of experiencing high EWB relative to inactive participants (OR (95%CI) = 1.55 (1.11, 2.16), P = .010). In men with low EWB at baseline (median = 3 months after diagnosis), the highest levels of PA (>1000 metabolic equivalent-minutes per week) were associated with high EWB over time (OR (95%CI) = 2.17 (1.06, 4.46), P = .034). CONCLUSIONS: These data further support the importance of PA as a supportive care strategy for men on AS. Our findings suggest that engaging in higher volumes of PA post-diagnosis may be beneficial particularly for men exhibiting low emotional well-being early on during AS.

Topic(s): Well-being
Health Condition(s): Cancer
Year Published: 2020
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