A qualitative analysis and development of a conceptual model assessing financial toxicity in cancer patients accessing the universal healthcare system

Riva, S., Efficace, F., Di Maio, M., Bryce, J., Del Campo, L., De Lorenzo, F., Frontini, L., Giannarelli, D., Gitto, L., Iannelli, E., Jommi, C., Montesarchio, V., Traclò, F., Vaccaro, C. M., Arenare, L., Canzanella, G., Gimigliano, A., Romano, F., Savio, A., Sparavigna, L., Piccirillo, M. C., Guizzaro, L., Gallo, C., Perrone, F.

PURPOSE: This paper illustrates a conceptual model for a new patient-reported outcome measure (PROM) aimed at measuring financial toxicity (FT) in oncological setting in Italy, where citizens are provided universal healthcare coverage. METHODS: Focus groups with overall 34 patients/caregivers in three different Italian centers (from Northern, Centre, and Southern Italy) and an open-ended survey with 97 medical oncologists were undertaken. Transcripts from focus groups and the open-ended survey were analyzed to identify themes and links between themes. Themes from the qualitative research were supplemented with those reported in the literature; concepts identified formed the basis for item development that were then tested through the importance analysis (with 45 patients) and the cognitive debriefing (with other 45 patients) to test relevance and comprehension of the first draft PRO instrument. RESULTS: Ten domains were extracted by analyzing 156 concepts generated from focus groups and the open-ended survey. After controlling for redundancy, 55 items were generated and tested through the importance analysis. After controlling comprehension and feasibility through cognitive debriefing interviews, a first version of the questionnaire consisting of 30 items was devised. CONCLUSIONS: This qualitative study represents the first part of a study conducted to develop a new PROM to assess FT in Italy, by using a bottom-up approach that makes the most of patients’ experiences and the health system analysis. TRIAL REGISTRATION: NCT03473379 first posted on March 22, 2018.

Topic(s): Economic Burden
Health Condition(s): Cancer
Year Published: 2021
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